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The INMC program and scientific advisory board committee are developing an exciting and clinical-based innovative program discussion that will address hot topics in NanoMedicine and Regenerative Medicine with an overarching goal to advance the quality of patient’s life. Please visit us frequently for program updates! 

Disclaimer: Program / Topics may change depending on the committee’s and market feedback.


  • INMC is aiming to focuses on nanomedicine and regenerative medicine towards clinical trials and commercialization, innovations, regulatory pathways and health policy.

  • INMC supports the establishment of Houston as the premier global nano-medical hub, attracting the worlds best and brightest and fostering the ongoing development of talent in this dynamically evolving field.

  • Facilitate the advancement of clinical trial product development and patient recruitment for nanomedicines and regenerative medicines.

  • Develop session(s) and panel(s) that would address regulatory science, health policy, and manufacturing in the clinical trial for nanomedicine and regenerative medicine.

  • Create an INMC Conference as an investment platform for nanomedicine and regenerative medicine companies to support their product translation through clinical trials.

  • Creating conversations between life sciences scientists, medical professionals, engineers, investors, regulatory agencies, small to medium-sized enterprises and pharmaceutical companies.

  • Provides a unique opportunity to the academic community to investigate their research in the clinical trial pipeline.