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2016-114 Biocompatible Adhesive Polymer Blend P.M. | Ajayan

2010-029 Metallopeptide Catalysts for Structure-Selective Polypeptide Modification Zachary Ball |

2012-077 " Small molecule conjugates with dimetal species for protein inhibition" Zachary Ball |

2013-029 Lensless Imaging System Using an Imaging Sensor with one or More Attenuating Layers (masks) Richard Baraniuk |

2015-055 BrainFactory: A System for the Automated Construction and Manufacturing of Deep Neural Network Architectures for Solving Machine Learning Tasks Richard Baraniuk |

2017-058 Universal Microbial Diagnostics using Random DNA Probes Richard Baraniuk |

2018-048 A method for tuning the dynamic range of bacterial promoters regulated by ligand-inducible transcription factors Matthew Bennett |

2012-039 Implantable Modular Hydrogel for Salivary Gland Restoration Mary Farach-Carson |

2015-095 Surface Coating Method to Improve Bioprosthetic Heart Valve Biocompatibility Jane Grande-Allen |

2014-104 Plasmonic sub-100 nm nanomatryoshkas that confine dyes, molecular probes, markers, tracers or contrast agents within layers of metal Nancy Halas |

26071 All-optical nanoparticle-based nanoscale pH meter Nancy Halas |

26075 Nonconcentric nanoshells (Nanoeggs) and their applications as substrates for surface enhanced Raman scattering Nancy Halas |

2018-023 Nanoparticle-based Drug Delivery using Near-IR Light-triggered Release  Nancy Halas |

2012-010 Multi-Hierarchical Self-Assembly of a Collagen Mimetic Peptide: from Triple Helix to Nanofiber and Hydrogel Jeffrey Hartgerink |

2014-012 Multidomain peptides for therapeutic angiogenesis, inflammation mediation and growth factor and drug delivery. Jeffrey Hartgerink |

2017-088 STINGel Immunotherapy for Treatment-Resistant Cancer Jeffrey Hartgerink |

22013 Synchronized Computer Control for Pulsed Quantum Cascade Laser Frequency Scanning Anatoliy Kosterev |

26004 Modulation cancellation method (MOCAM) in modulation spectroscopy Anatoliy Kosterev |

28024 Detection of optical absorption by means of a combination of a quartz tuning fork (QTF) and a thin fiber Anatoliy Kosterev |

2016-015 Biological Activity of Biaryl Compounds Against Multidrug Resistant Pathogens and Cancer Laszlo Kurti |

27041 The use of metabolically engineered Saccharomyces cerevisiae in controlled media to produce nerolidol Seiichi Matsuda |

10048 Method of Synthesis of High Molecular Weight Poly (Propylene Fumarate) Antonios Mikos |

2010-040 Combined space maintenance & bone regeneration system for the reconstruction of large osseous defects Antonios Mikos |

2012-038 Injectable, Thermogelling Tissue Engineering Scaffolds Utilizing Polyamidoamines Antonios Mikos |

2016-077 Poly(Diol Fumarate) and Poly(Diol Fumarate-co-Succinate) Antonios Mikos

26062 Injectable, self-hardening, calcium-binding hydrogels Antonios Mikos |

2010-043 Designing Synthetic Gene Circuits Using Optimality & Nonequilibrium Thermodynamics Deepak Nagrath |

2010-072 Filter Paper as a Low-Cost Medium for Accurate Spectrophotometric Detection of Blood Hemoglobin Concentration Rebecca Richards-Kortum |

2015-078 Differential Spinning Disc-High Resolution Microendoscope Rebecca Richards-Kortum |

2015-020 Horizontal Nano-electrodes for On-chip Electrophysiology Jacob Robinson |

2017-069 Fluidic microactuation of electrodes for neural recording and stimulation Jacob Robinson |

25049 High processivity DNA polymerase A. Yousif Shamoo |

2009-054 A Split Adenylate Kinase for Mapping & Designing Protein-Protein Interactions at Hyperthermophilic Temperatures Jonathan Silberg |

2012-075 Encryption of Adeno-associated Virus with Enzymatically Decoded Peptide Locks. Junghae Suh |

2016-016 Light-controlled gene delivery with Adeno-associated virus vectors through incorporation of optogenetic proteins Junghae Suh |

2016-030 " Modifying adeno-associated virus N-terminus to modulate viral properties" Junghae Suh |

2018-037 Adeno-associated virus capsid protein truncations for peptide display Junghae Suh |

2015-082 A method for characterizing bacterial two-component systems, and engineering novel biosensors Jeff Tabor | 2016-005 Development of a bacterial thiosulfate sensor Jeff Tabor

2016-012 An engineered bacterial two component signaling system for sensitive and robust detection of nitrate, with applications in agriculture and medicine Jeff Tabor |

2011-038 Image Mapped Optical Coherence Tomography (IM-OCT) Tomasz Tkaczyk |

2011-039 Snapshot Spectro-Polarimetric Imager Tomasz Tkaczyk |

2014-047 Tunable Light-Guide Image Processor for Multi-Dimensional Imaging Tomasz Tkaczyk |

2013-014 Heat-inactivated Complement Factor B (CFB) inNormal Human Fresh Frozen Plasma (FFP) or the Cryosupernatant Fraction of FFP (CS) as a Therapeutic Agent for Syndromes Characterized by Excessive Activation or Defective Regulation of the Alternative Comp Nancy Turner |

20002 Nitric Oxide-Producing Hydrogel Materials Jennifer West |

24030 Nitric Oxide-Releasing PEG-Poly-L-Lysine Dendrimers Jennifer West |

28033 Fabrication of Interconnected Model Vasculature by Inverse Templating of Non-Woven Variable-Sized Fiber Mats Jennifer West |

21004 Fullerene (C60)-Based X-Ray Contrast Agent for Diagnostic Imaging Lon Wilson

23006 Fullerenes for Targeted Therapies Lon Wilson

26033 Preparation of I2@SWNT's and I2@US-tubes:I2-loaded SWNT's for Computed-Tomography Molecular Imaging Lon Wilson

2018-050 P-click: Proximity-induced Site-specific Antibody Conjugation Han Xiao

2010-032 Tumor Specific Delivery of Paclitaxel Via pH Responsive Gold Nanoparticles Eugene Zubarev