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NanoMed mfg collaborative

NanoMed MFG Collaborative is a not-for-profit social enterprise organization focusing on the diffusion and acceleration of nano-based biopharmaceutical innovations and technologies at the intersection of research development and industrialization. We are in the process of developing a research commercialization center for nanomedicines within the vicinity of the Texas Medical Center. Through unique industry partnerships, NanoMed MFG Collaborative is developing new closed and integrated automation processes to improve costs associated with manufacturing medicines. 

Our core vision is to provide manufacturing scale-up and scale-out manufacturing services for nanotechnologies in medicine. Bringing to light unrealized scientific intellectual capital through smart and advanced MFG processing that improves the clinical trial financial sustainability. NanoMed MFG Collaborative will improve scientific commercial translations, promote economic development and job creation for the pharmaceutical and medicine manufacturing industry sector. NanoMed MFG Collaborative’s mission is to bring to market unrealized nano-biopharmaceuticals developed by universities and non-profit organizations to provide new patient treatment options. 

NanoMed MFG Collaborative is currently developing a five-year industry analysis report on manufacturing nanotechnologies in medicine. The industry study is being curated to understand how to improve the manufacturability of nanomedicine-based technologies through smart and advanced manufacturing instrumentation and processing. The industry research is reviewing four pillars along translational pipeline including (1) business development, (2) advanced manufacturing technologies, (3) risk assessment and (4) economic impact and public policy. The expectation is this study will disseminate to the industry, NAICS 32541, the benefits in cost reduction utilizing modern manufacturing. NanoMed MFG Collaborative is eliciting the views from the industry innovating within the pharmaceutical ecosystem to identify added-value strategies. If your organization is interested in collaborating and/or endorsing this industry market research, we welcome your participation.