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Dr. Alessandro Grattoni

Houston Methodist Research Institute
Chairman & Professor, Department of Nanomedicine

Dr. Grattoni is the Chair and Professor in Department of Nanomedicine at the Houston Methodist Research Institute (HMRI). His research is dedicated to the development and translation of implantable nanofluidic platforms for controlled drug delivery and cell transplantation. These include systems for HIV PrEP, obesity and metabolic syndrome, and intratumoral cancer immunotherapy. He has also engaged in the analysis of electrokinetics for remotely controlled drug delivery for telemedicine and personalized therapeutics. His team is developing a 3D-printed encapsulation device, the NICHE, for endocrine cell transplantation. Dr. Grattoni established the Center for Space Nanomedicine at HMRI, dedicated to leveraging the International Space Station for the investigation of nanotechnologies for applications on-Earth and in Space. Dr. Grattoni has received support from, NIH, CASIS, NASA, DOD, JDRF, Gilead Sciences, Lamborghini, and numerous foundations. Laboratory Profile: Follow us @grattonilab