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Dr. Alice C. Fan

Assistant Professor in Oncology
Stanford University School of Medicine

Dr. Alice Fan is currently Assistant Professor of Medicine (Oncology) for Stanford University of Medicine. Her research program focuses on developing biomarkers for early detection and therapy response in cancer. As an Assistant Professor of Medicine, Division of Oncology, my translational research focus in Urologic Oncology is developing protein biomarkers to predict therapeutic response in patients with renal cell carcinoma (RCC). I am a physician scientist who has over 13 years of experience conducting translational research to determine the cell intrinsic and host response to oncogene-directed therapies.

My laboratory develops novel technologies to analyze blood and tumor to determine the mechanism of activity of novel and standard agents directed against metabolic and oncogenic signaling pathways, define biomarkers for early detection and therapeutic response in patients with cancer, and investigate the immune response to targeted therapeutics. I have developed a nanoscale proteomic approach (nano-immunoassay, NIA) to measure molecular response to therapies in patients using very small numbers of patient cells. I have used this and other novel technologies in studies ranging from nanotechnology development to validating the mechanism of new drugs in clinical trials. In the clinic, my practice is largely comprised of patients with RCC, and I am the site-PI for multiple clinical trials for novel therapeutics in RCC.