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Dr. Len Pagliaro

Chief Executive Officer
Siva Therapeutics

Len Pagliaro is the CEO and co-founder of Siva Therapeutics, where he recruited a management team, assembled a strong and growing IP portfolio, and raised founding capital from angel investors and grants. Siva has received numerous state and federal grants, as well as a prestigious Breakout Labs (Thiel Foundation) grant, and successful completion of the Nanotechnology Characterization Laboratory program administered by the NCI, NIST, and FDA. Siva is developing Targeted Hyperthermia™ photothermal cancer therapy, and the company has scaled manufacturing of SivaRods precision gold nanorods and generated very strong preclinical safety and efficacy data.

Len has over 20 years of experience with successful commercialization of biotechnology products, services, and technology licensing. He has managed R&D and business teams, and developed product, service, and technology licensing programs from inception to revenues to profitability in 2 previous biotech startups. He managed P&L for a business unit of Thermo Fisher Scientific, selling tools and services for drug discovery, after successful acquisition of BioImage A/S, a Danish biotech he helped found. Len started commercialization at BioImage from concept to $1M in revenue in under 2 years, revenues tripled in each of the following 2 years, and after acquisition and integration by Thermo, his P&L grew to $26M. A small molecule oncology therapeutic project he led was successfully partnered with TopoTarget, and is now in the clinic.

Prior to his industrial career, Len was a professor of Bioengineering and Laboratory Medicine at the University of Washington, where his laboratory studied basic aspects of cellular metabolism, with an emphasis on cancer and inflammatory disease. His laboratory received funding from the NSF, the NIH, DOD (Office of Naval Research), and other state and private sources. Len received his PhD in cell biology from Wesleyan University, completed postdoctoral training in biophysics at Carnegie Mellon University, and has participated in postgraduate professional business training.