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Welcome Message

On behalf of the Innovate NanoMedicine Houston 2019 Organizing Committee’s, it's an honor to welcome you to the annual international conference on clinical nanomedicine and regenerative medicine. The technical scope will focus on the product development and commercialization of clinical nanomedicine and regenerative medicine for diagnostics, therapeutics, nanotools, imaging modalities, toxicology, fundamentals of biodistribution, manufacturing and commercialization.

The committee has chosen a venue structure that dissolves technical boundaries to build a uniquely modern conference perspective. Innovate NanoMedicine Conference (INMC) is a clinical trial call to action conference, which cements the understanding that scientific research must work alongside with physicians, industry and market leaders to ensure emerging medicine development progresses toward viable patient treatment options.

This interdisciplinary collaborative will provide an intellectual platform to bring diverse groups of audiences together to explore product development in clinical trials and commercialization with an overarching goal to advance the quality of a patient's life. We are committed to cultivate collaborations, strengthen the global economy for nanomedicines and regenerative medicine, and promote the free exchange of ideas and cross-promotion of organizations and industries from abroad. 

To create a truly unique clinical-based conference at the intersection of preclinical trials and patient treatments options, our committees have joined hands with professional organizations and requested technical co-sponsorship from these prestigious associations for both engineers and physicians. We are supporting communication on the clinical application spectrum of nanotechnology in medicine. An area of innovation which needs to be highlighted together with scientist, engineers, medical professionals, industry and regulatory agencies.

As the conference chair, I believe INMC complements the U.S. conference spectrum as the technical scope is focused exclusively towards ongoing early and late stage clinical trials where the conference is focused exclusively on the patient. INMC supports further awareness of how nanotechnology in medicine is becoming a translational force helping to heal a wide spectrum of human diseases within the life time of the original inventor(s).

Delegates at the conference will understand the learning opportunities and successes of emerging nanomedicines being applied to human trials. Our cordially invited speakers are from the full spectrum of the clinical pipeline. Including academic institutions sponsoring clinical trials, small-to-medium sized companies and large corporate pharmaceutical companies. At this intersection of innovating in clinical trials space, delegates will have the opportunity to gain visibility first hand on the successes and challenges within the field of nanomedicine and regenerative medicine, seek further investment opportunities, collaboration opportunities and share their clinical innovations in presentation. The conference will host a venue across three full days.

Warm Regards,
Dr. Javed Khan,
PhD Conference Chair